What is Produk?


Produk is a system for integrated production management. It includes different software modules to facilitate the management, communication with the production plant and the extraction of information relevant to production management.

LEAN Manufacturing

Produk is also a very interesting tool for organizations that want to implement LEAN philosophy based on eliminating wasteful: overproduction, stock, WIP (work-in-process), transportation, waiting and quality defects.

The basic objectives of the lean philosophy are: zero defects, zero waiting time, zero inventory, internal flow based on demand or tension (pull instead of push), reduce batch sizes and processing times and balanced lines.

The companies that better adapt production to demand, are more prepared to adapt to market changes.


Floor terminal: Factory Panel

It is a touch screen terminal installed in the work area at plant floor, to interact with the operators. They receive the information needed to do their job: production orders, priorities, scheduled times, quality control, etc.. They can also consult the technical documentation, such as drawings or procedures.

In turn, operators feed back system entering the working parts on line, incidents and justification of stops.

You can choose the hardware between different alternatives, depending on the conditions of the environment where it will work: vibration, magnetic fields, power supply faults, dust, water and suspended matter. Also the software can be customized to fit the client

Collecting data from machines  Factory Tracker

Allows capture data  from machines in real time through direct connection to its PLC, or if has no PLC, to sensors that gather information of interest. To calculate the productivity, we can collect machine states ( running or shutdown) and the current speed. It can also collect other variables, such rejected quantities , etc.

These data are interpreted and the resulting information is stored in the central DB.

Management software:  Corek Produktion

This software allows us to manage the production in  real-time. It is composed of several modules, some of which are optional.

Productive system

Tasks, resources, roles, calendars.

Production management

Manage manufacturing orders lifecycle. Work roadmaps. MRP Material Requirements.

Almacenes y stock

Warehouses, locations, picking, warnings of need. Delivery and returns.


Providers. Accreditations. Receptions and returns. Price comparison.

Planificación a medio plazo

Activity planning in the medium term: resource and materials requirements.

Planificación a corto plazo o programación de la producción.

Allocation of jobs to resources, customizing aspects that we want to optimize.


Inventario de equipos/máquinas. Gamas de mantenimiento. Mantenimiento preventivo.

Safety Inspections.

Equipment inventory. Inspection plans. Warnings. Inspection templates. historical.

It also includes basic modules such as user management and access rights, customers and suppliers, search engine, item configurator, etc.

Production Scorecard. 

Displays the information necessary to understand the state and evolution of the productive system, which enables us to make decisions to move in the right direction. It consists of a set of KPIs or Key Performance Indicators that can be selected and configured to the measure of each user. Produk contains several KPIs used as a standard in the industry, but we also offer the ability to manufacture them to suit your needs.

ERP Comunication.

Often companies that implement Produk already have an ERP where manages much of the company information. This module enables a bidirectional and permanent communication with the ERP,  so that both work fully in tune. The information collected and sent depends on the functionality that is used in each. 

For example, it is common to collect the demand data from ERP (sales) and send manufacturing data: quantities, dates, times, etc., If has no ERP Produk can works as a complete ERP by adding optional modules for sales, billing and accounting.

Backup and management of historical data

To increase the reliability of the system, we allow create automatic backups and manage historical data independently of the current data.

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