Factory Panel

Panel Factory is the software responsible for communicating with the operators of the production plant. This application is installed on one or more industrial PCs with touch monitor located in workplaces. Using these terminals, operators receive work instructions and information necessary to carry out and record the activity or working parts.

Paneles táctiles de la planta de producción

Panel Táctil

Existen diferentes modelos para adaptarse a las condiciones de la fábrica.
Dispositivos de identificación integrados en el panel.

Dispositivos de identificación

Códigos de barras, RFID, impresoras de etiquetas,...
Paneles móviles para almacenes y carretillas.

Terminales móviles

Uso itinerante en almacenes, carretillas transportadoras,...

Which may do Factory Panel

Panel Factory serves the workers to receive work instructions and to record parts of activity. Typically installed on a touch panel, which may be accompanied by other devices to identify people and materials, barcode reader or proximity cards, label printer, etc..

Factory Panel complements with Factory Tracker , which collects data from machines automatically.

Details to execute each order: 
Consultation documentation: procedures, plans, standards, etc..

Information sent to operators

  • The production schedule: manufacturing orders, order of execution, scheduled or estimated time to execute each job
  • Details to execute each order: machine parameters, work instructions, labeling, quality parameters, special announcements and everything needed to run it successfully. 
  • Consultation de documentation: procedures, plans, standards, etc.

Information registered by workers

  • They record the start and end of the work and the quantities manufactured.
  • Materials consumed.
  • They can also record quality controls, as well as rework and scrap materials with quality problems.
  • Incidences and stop causes.
  • It can also be used to clock enters and leaves from factory.

Benefits of using Factory Panel

  • Paper to record the working parts, self-control and any other information is deleted.And with it all its disadvantages, such as loss of time, lack of accuracy and accessibility and lack of access to timely information.
  • It also eliminates the manual entry of data into the computer, which saves a ton of time in daily operations. The information is collected in the panels and is immediately available to the computer system.
  • It supplies information on the activity of the plant in real time. This information is critical as feedback to the planner / scheduler, offering an accurate snapshot of production, reporting delays, breakdowns, etc.
  • Adaptable to the specific needs of each client. Customize it to include everything you need and hide what you do not need.
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